Digital Art

I am very interested in digital art. Much of my interest lies in computational and mathematical artwork such as those based on fractals. Fractals are mathematical objects (images) that are self-similar at all scales - that is they look the same (for certain mathematical definitions of "the same") if you zoom in on any of the details. Some examples are shown below.

Radial Newton Fractals

These are Newton fractals. Each of these has been generated by specifying a polynomial function (which I do by choosing the locations of the zeros of the function) and then running Newton's method (an algorithm to find the zeros) starting from each point in the complex plane. The color is assigned by counting the number of iterations it takes for Newton's method to converge. Originally, they are black and white, but I color them using GIMP which gives a distinctive emotion to each. I usually also do some post-processing in GIMP to get the colors just right or to vary minor details.

These Newton fractals are all chosen by specifying concentric rings of zeros with different spacing and phase. This tends to give it a (partially) symmetric look that is (to my mind) more attractive than some of the more random designs you can see in my other galleries.

Light of the Seraphim
Atom of Authority
The Eye

Non-fractal Digital Artworks

In addition to fractals, I also done some non-mathematical digital artworks. They are pretty much built using GIMP and Paint.NET. A selection of my work is shown below.

Water, Earth, Fire, Air
Medical Emblem of an Engineer
Emblem of the Healing Arts
Rise of the Pheonix Within

Other fractals

Moment of Creation
Triangle Of Fire
Stellar Triumvirate

Desktop Backgrounds

I have also designed some desktop backgrounds. The Glowing Planet Wallpaper Pack contains multiple different colors in the same design (one is shown below). Otolith weave is a stand alone wallpaper named for its pattern which resembles otoliths in an ear (which help with sensing acceleration).

Glowing Planet Wallpaper Pack
Otolith Weave

Other Art Websites

You can also see my artwork on DeviantArt. My username is SocratesJedi.