Welcome to BioPhysEngr.Net. Here you will find a variety of things that - I think - are either useful or interesting. There are several command-line utility programs I have written for windows. Additionally, I create digital and fractal artwork; a few more can be seen on my DeviantArt page.

I have been constructing a blog with details of some of my current projects or with useful programming/technical details. I recently analyzed a board game called Stone Age. The strategy guide is available: here

About me

I am a MD/PhD candidate in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology studying to become a physician-scientist. I study sequence-function relationships in proteins. In 2008, I completed undergraduate degrees in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. My professional interests lie primarily in exploring the intersection of technology and biomedical science; I am particularly interested in systems/computation biology and biochemistry. Outside of medicine and science, I am also very interested in artificial intelligence.

My wife is also a MD/PhD student, but is in the department of pharmacology. She studies novel anticancer compounds.